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As we begin the New Year, we naturally look at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  We set goals with renewed intention; promising that we will treat ourselves and those around us even better than in years past.

It has been my desire, since beginning this site, to provide a reliable resource to each of you to help you make the best decisions possible for the long-term health of you and your loved ones.  I spend many hours to ensure that you are getting optimal information steeped in scientific research and presented in an easy to read fashion.  These posts are designed to empower, and it is my greatest wish that each of you have found your own undeniable confidence in reclaiming your health.  I commend you on not only the impact you are having on your own body, mind and soul, but also the tremendous example and foundation you are setting for the little ones.  Just think of how much more you can continue to do in 2014!

Without further ado…my reflection has led me to the top posts in the last year and let me tell you, you guys have trended some winners!  In no particular popularity order, I bring you the top posts of the last year!


Perhaps one of my more research intensive articles, I thought it was important to bring it back to basics.  You’ll often see me noting GMO labeling efforts on Facebook and/or Twitter, but I realize how convoluted it can be to understand the differences between Organic, Conventional, & GMO foods.  More importantly, why are these differences relevant?  Hence the post Organic/Conventional/GMO food – What’s the Difference?  This post received a lot of buzz, sharing and feedback with readers saying they were so happy to have a comprehensive place to read and understand this vital topic.

Soda and Obesity

When I saw Coca-Cola’s obesity ad in early 2013, I knew I had to report.  So much misinformation packed into a short commercial, and worse yet I knew that many may believe the claims in typical influential ad fashion.  My background in marketing and communications has trained me well to look beyond the fluff and focus on the stuff.  So I broke the ad apart and revealed the true messages contained in the ad, along with the scientific support of how soda impacts the body.  This article became a focal point of a talk I did with high school students at my alma mater, where students got in on the ad demystification.  They did great by the way!  Coca-Cola’s Latest – Demystified

Okonomiyaki 1 SmallI love sharing recipes with you guys and this is one of my favorites.  The perfect blend of crunchy combined with the softness of an omelet, finished off with a salty creamy dipping sauce.  I have become obsessed with Okonomiyaki (which reminds me, I’m due to make a batch).  Nutritious cabbage is used in this recipe which is an excellent source of cancer fighting sinigrin.  Yum! – Okonomiyaki recipe

Cloth Diaper LoveWhen my long-time friend, Pamela McAvoy, kept telling me how much she loves cloth diapering, I knew I needed her to break it all down for you guys.  She did not disappoint in this amazing article about the benefits and practices of cloth diapering.  If you weren’t completely on board with giving it a try, the image of her son sporting an adorable cloth diaper and straw hat poolside would have been enough to get you to at least add one cloth cutie to your collection. Cloth Diaper Love {Guest Editorial}

Cover Photo BB HHKFragrance-Free Baby Laundry Detergent

As you know, I am constantly on the hunt for amazing products that will make your life easier, greener, hipper and healthier.  Neck and neck for page views, these two natural cleaning products were high on your list for 2013.  Branch Basics is a powerful organic solvent made from the fatty acids of edible and seed-bearing plants.  Concentrate and measuring bottle make it easy to quickly mix the desired formula for each of your cleaning needs.  Dapple Baby’s chemical-free, biodegradable formula is designed for cleansing baby’s toys and clothing.  Hypoallergenic, the line has baby sensitivity taken care of. Found! “Kind Killer” Recruited for Spring Cleaning  Dapple Baby Cleans with a Conscious {Giveaway}

Hip & Healthy Kids Chipotle coverWhen it comes to page views this post was hot and spicy!  When Chipotle announced they had voluntarily labeled GMOs in their ingredients and provided it to their consumers, I knew I had to weigh in.  I cheered, I commended, I was excited for the future of other chains being hopefully influenced by the success Chipotle would quickly have with this transparent strategy.  I also got to work on providing you a quick reference Hip & Healthy Kids Burrito Bowl, so you were more than ready to order your Non-GMO, no Hydrogenated Oil, Preservative-Free meal on the go.  Saved to your smartphone this burrito bowl came in handy for many who said it made their lives quick, easy and delicious!  Chipotle Spices Up GMO Labeling

Pantone Cover Image - FinalPairing fashion, food and healthy bites of goodness, the A Fashionable Plate – Spring 2013 Pantone Food Pairings article playfully brought to focus amazing foods coupled with their health benefits.  Goji Berries paired with the hot Spring 2013 Pantone “Poppy”, Lemongrass paired with Pantone “Tender Shoots”, and Stinging Nettles paired with the “Grayed Jade” Pantone where some amazingly colorful superfoods mentioned.  Check them out and the others here:  A Fashionable Plate – Spring 2013 Pantone Food Pairings

Swimming in the Sea of Omega-3 CropWhy is Omega-3 so important and what’s the difference between dietary sources, Omega 6 & 9, etcetera?  All of this was thoughtfully outlined in the Swimming in the Sea of Omega-3 article.  A lot of information was contained in this article as well as my picks on where to get your daily omega.  A little screen time was also given to Frankenfish (GMO Salmon).     Swimming in the Sea of Omega-3

Merry ToysStocking Cover 2

Last, but not least, product round-ups are a favorite among readers.  This holiday season was no exception with the Merry Toys and Cool Stuff for your Stockings roundups.  Love of language, superior puzzle play, eco-friendly wooden and recycled milk carton toys, beautifully scented soaps, non-toxic nails and skincare, loose leaf travel tea canisters, etc.

I’m looking forward to bringing your more hip and healthy informative fun in the New Year and beyond.  If you have a topic you’d like to see here, drop me a line at hipandhealthykids@gmail.com.   This site is about you and your kids and your continual transformation to be the hip and healthy person you want to be.  I will continue to do my best to be here for you and help you on your journey.

Cheers to 2014 and all the amazing things coming your way!



HHK Wishes for the New Year

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