Hip Tips

  • Magnesium concentrations in foods are also dependent on the magnesium composition of the soil for which these foods are grown.  Organic foods will tend to have higher concentrations of magnesium as fertilizer used in conventional farming utilizes nitrogen and other elements in lieu of magnesium. 
  • When you look at produce, if there are 4 numbers on the sticker, you are eating conventional.  If you see 5 numbers the first beginning with a 9, you are eating organic.  If you see 5 numbers the first beginning with an 8 it is apparently a GM food.
  • If your produce is not organic, skip the exterior as this is where the pesticides will concentrate.
  • Since many cleaners are abrasive they are not ideal for any plastics (tubs, potties, etc.) as they may damage the finish and cause pitting that would further provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Opt for kind cleansers instead.
  • Use kitchen shears to trim scallions directly into steps in your recipe.  Quicker and easier than separately chopping.
  • Avoid the center aisles of the supermarket where the most processed food is contained.  Instead fill your basket with fresh produce, yogurt, etc. from a perimeter trip.
  • Go Organic to remove exposure to chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
  • When entertaining for December festivities, combine organic wine and fresh fruit, and voilà, holiday sangria!
  • For unplugged fun, have a crank flashlight available in your house.  It can be recharged through a manual crank so you have more hours of play without going through packages of batteries.
  • The onion family draws out the fishy taste of seafood; so try baking fish along with scallions, but remember to discard them after cooking.
  • Utilize Folate to counteract ingestion of arsenic and allow for passage through urinary elimination.
  • Did you know it takes 500-1000 years for plastics to degrade?  Reduce your environmental impact, by using reusable shopping bags, stainless steel water bottles, & replacing your plastic baggies with these cool products.
  • Have motion sensitivity?  Try some ginger!  One great way to enjoy fresh ginger root, is to slice some up in a glass of ginger ale (It really magnifies the taste).
  • Udder covers give you some privacy while nursing, but can also be used as an ad hoc baby blanket if you happen to forget including one in your diaper bag.
  • Did you know that sunscreen not only blocks UV rays, but also hinders your body’s ability to generate vitamin D from sun exposure?  Dedicate some time out in the sun (sans screen) so you can capitalize on this natural vitamin power.
  • Smoothies are great meal options for your child using Egg White or Whey protein.
  • Bring some veggies and hummus dip to the beach with you to help boost your sun protection, while having some sand and surf fun.


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