New Year’s Whole (Re) Solution

Post-Holiday buzz and burnout, this time of year is often devoted to champagne toasts and daydreaming about how the next year will be even better than the past.  Pie-in-the-sky ponderings turn into resolutions, motivating us to make the best of ourselves.  While intentions are good, it doesn’t mean New Years 2we are equipped with the appropriate action plan or staying power to make the dream a reality.  According to studies, only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolution.

Why do resolutions fail?  Typically, the resolution focuses on the end goal and there maybe many steps in between that make the objective too daunting to tackle.  Or, perhaps we know what we want, but we don’t know how to get there.  So this year, the challenge for each of us is to make a legitimate promise to ourselves.  This promise is to: 1) pick a realistic goal that is possible to achieve, 2) work on multifaceted goals in stages (for example, the first part can be set for the 1st quarter of the year, then address the next steps successively), 3) celebrate milestones, and 4) gain support from those around you as well as seeking professional assistance if and when needed to figure out how to best accomplish your goal.

What’s your resolution?

Statistical analysis has shown that the top resolutions are:

  1.  Eat Healthy Food
  2.  Lose Weight
  3.  Get Fit
  4.  Manage Stress
  5.  Save Money
  6.  Spend more time with Family

Having trouble deciding?  Well, why choose just one or two. I have a resolution for you that can help span the list above.  My idea for a resolution for you is one that is not only attainable, but it is one that I will personally support you with in the coming year.  Ready?  New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is:

“Replace processed foods with whole foods.”

Whole foods are healthy for you. (#1 above),

They empower your body (using the nutrients supplied) to regulate your weight and manage appetite. (#2 above),

As your body gains more pure fuel, your energy levels increase.  As your energy levels increase, your desire for physical movement and exercise also increases.  (#3 above),

Whole foods contain high concentrations of vitamins that will help your body withstand the impacts of stress better. (#4 above),

Stress and Health 2

Your grocery bills may be the same or higher depending on organic options available to you; however, long-term whole food eating can reduce medical bills associated with an unhealthy diet. (#5 above),

When gardening or preparing a meal from its most basic level, you teach your children about the beauties of agriculture and the importance of healthy eating.  You spend quality time with them in the kitchen as you cook together. (#6 above)

So, as you see, it is 6 for the price of 1.  One manageable change that can help your well-being in a number of ways.  Forget the diets you’ve heard of that require you to restrict intake of certain nutritious foods, count points, eat massive amounts of meat or spend 10 hours a day at the gym and instead become whole again.

So here are a few Hip Tips (you get more than one this time in honor of the new year) to help you with reducing processed foods:

1.      Strive to eat foods that have 5 ingredients or less.

2.      Avoid the center aisles of the supermarket where the most processed food is contained.  Instead fill your basket with fresh produce, yogurt, etc. from a perimeter trip.

3.      Kick High Fructose Corn Syrup to the curb.  Not only is it a health menace in and of itself, it is also made from Genetically Modified Corn, which is a double health whammy.

4.      Non GMO ProjectLook for the NON GMO Project Verified Stamp of approval on your products to ensure you are eating pure ingredients.

5.      Go Organic to remove exposure to chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

Let me know how I can assist you more to achieve your health goals.   As a start, I have created a new link at the top of this page entitled Personalized Health Programs.  If you would like your own personalized plan for the New Year, send me a message and we can work together on a strategy suitable for you.  As a Certified Health Counselor and member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners, I am trained to provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve.  Come check out the new page above and we can set up some time for a free consultation.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with joy, laughter, the warmth of family and friends and the gift of whole health!


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