Play With Your Food {Giveaway}

There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than your child not eating the meal you made him/her. We make some pretty great eats in this house, yet we still find ourselves chasing after the little one with a plate and spoon. When delicious food is psychologically transformed into perceived yuck, a parent is now in the proverbial “rock and a hard place”.  With creative juices kicked into high gear, playing with our food becomes a meal staple. We make mountains of mashed potatoes lined with broccoli trees, zucchini and carrot logs with spinach grass patches to transport the playful mind into a palate pleasing edible world.

So when I found another feeding fun tool to add to the arsenal, I was excited to try it out.  Constructive Eating takes dining to a new level by transforming plates and utensils into tools that are also toys for our little ones.  Husband and wife team created the construction zone line after observing their son using snacks as rubble and pushing them around with a toy bulldozer.  The Construction utensils include a Fork Lift Fork, a Front Loader Spoon, and a Bull Dozer Pusher.

Constructive Line

If your little one isn’t into construction machines, no worries, your child can harvest their own dinner with the Garden Fairy Line which includes a Garden Rake Fork, a Garden Shovel Spoon, and a Garden Hoe Pusher.  Both utensil sets can be used on their own or accompanied with a specially designed plate.

Garden Fairy

Each tool has an easy grip handle.  The pusher/hoe is probably the biggest favorite of kids since they can easily isolate their meal components instead of chasing the peas around the plate and coming up empty spooned.  This flatware is fun and functional and has even been used by occupational therapists to promote motor development.  Products are made in the USA and are free of lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA and paints.

One lucky Hip & Healthy Kids reader will receive a free Constructive Eating utensil set of your choice.

To enter, simply click on this Rafflecopter link and choose the amount of entries you would like to submit.

This giveaway will be open for the next 7 days.

Get ready to bring new meaning to the term “shoveling your food down”.

Good luck!


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