Cover your Udders?

So after delivering a child you become somewhat…unabashed.  You’ve shown complete strangers every inch of your body and laid back as you were looked over downtown like a tourist staring at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.  So post child, in baby fog, body in turmoil and nursing, you sometimes forget that the rest of the western world wears clothes.  Which leads me to our topic of conversation today – cover those udders?

I still remember the “don’t make eye contact” face on a good friend of mine when he arrived in my living room to find my baby taking a drink; however, I should disclose I had my son underneath a cover so really all you saw were adorable little feet on my lap.   My friend proceeded to find the farthest seat in the room until he warmed up to the idea.  And once his soon-to-deliver wife went through the same thing, there was no more squirm.

Nursing in the privacy of your home is one thing, but nursing in public is an interesting endeavor.   In fact, I found I was most comfortable heading back to the car whenever the little guy was hungry.  A nursing cover was very useful in these situations too as you were in a parked car and didn’t need the gentleman who parked next to you to see what you were up to.  Regardless of how I feel about baring my all, I put myself in the shoes of those around me and tried not to make others uncomfortable while still putting my baby first.  So really, it is a personal choice of where and how you do it, but really no mama should be without a nice cover for those out in the open situations.

So how do you get your hands on a cover of your own?

It’s really easy, just follow this link ( and it will take you to the site and show you each of the fun prints to choose from.  For you amazing Hip & Healthy Kids readers, type in promo code “hhk” and you’ll get one for FREE!  You’ll only have to pay shipping and handling.

I ordered the Carson seen here.

Udder covers have really cute prints and the covers are easy to adjust, use and store.  The rigid neckline allows you to easily peak down and see your baby.  Plus the fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton and are machine washable.

Hip Tip:  I found you can also use them as an ad hoc baby blanket if you happen to forget including one in your diaper bag.

So go forth my mamas, share the milk and it’s up to you if you want to also share an eyeful of the entire canister.  I hear you can get some pretty large beads for that…………(oh right that’s Mardi Gras, not nursing).


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