Stonyfield Becomes B-Corp Certified

Today, we celebrate Stonyfield® for their newly achieved B-CorpTM Certification!

B Corp


What are B-Corps?  B Corps are “for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”  B Corps use their businesses as a force for goodTM.  There is a focus on not just the prosperity of the company, but also on their responsibility to the community and planet.  B Lab assigns each company a score and in order to become certified, the B Lab score must be over 80.  They assess companies on their impact to the environment, workers, customers and community.     



Those of us familiar with Stonyfield as a company, know that what the B Corp certification stands for is aligned with the vision of Stonyfield itself.  Stonyfield has demonstrated time and again that it is so much more than a dairy company.  Stonyfield clearly shows its commitment to its surroundings, by using the best organic ingredients, emphasizing quality nutrition, and working to minimize their impact on the environment. 

Stonyfield joins fellow B Corp certified companies such as King Arthur Flour®, Method®, Preserve®, Pukka Herbs, Purely ElizabethTM, and Pete and Gerry’s® to name a few.      

B Corp Companies

If it is important for you to shop knowing that the company you are supporting cares about their customers as well as being socially responsible, then check out the B Corp directory of certified companies.    

Now I’m off to continue the celebration by enjoying this delicious Stonyfield Greek blueberry yogurt!

Stonyfield Greek

{This is a sponsored post and products herein were provided by Stonyfield®}          

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