The Art of the Smoothie

As a former corporate ladder-climbing girl turned stay at home mom, I often get the question “How do you fill up your days?”  If you are a stay at home mom, you know all too well the answer to that question.  Never in my wildest imagination did I foresee the little bundle of joy as an all-consuming time guzzler.  I mean I would surely have a few seconds to myself everyday, right?  Well out of survival, I learned the ropes quickly.

One of the more difficult items for me to carve out was making sure I ate.  Now I could easily throw a handful of organic sea salt popcorn into my mouth and did that on occasion, but guess how long that satiated me?

Enter my savior, the SMOOTHIE….(insert beautiful choir voices here)

What I LOVE about this meal:

  1. It takes next to no time to prepare
  2. You can modify it based on which ingredients you have readily available
  3. You get an allotment of fruits and/or veggies depending on what you choose to add
  4. Using the right base as protein, you can also increase your metabolism and burn fat

Yes, you read that correctly, burn fat!  What an awesome bonus to a meal.

So on a recent trip to Florida, a natural café I visited had a smoothie recipe that was super yummy & filling.  I have adapted it and can share with you my version.

Banana Nut Smoothie

In your blender, mix a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, a small bit of organic chocolate (55% or better cacao), water to partially cover the banana (around ¼ to ½ way up if the banana is vertical), a measured spoonful of Pure Encapsulations® PureLean® vanilla bean protein powder, and a few ice cubes.  You may also throw in some additional fruit like strawberries, raspberries, etc.  Enhance with a few almonds, walnuts or whole flax seeds to add more power and nutrition.  Turn the blender on until the mixture is smooth and creamy.   If you would like it thicker then add more ice, more liquid add more water. Throw in a straw and voila your masterpiece is complete.

What makes this protein base special?  Well, Pure Encapsulations® PureLean® is a vegetable-based protein blend of rice, pea, hemp & chia.  The chia and hemp also add omega-3 fatty acids to this base which is good for brain function, heart health, mood and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.  It contains a wide variety of vitamins & minerals for comprehensive support as well as a vitamin & superfruit blend acting as antioxidant synergists.  Pure Encapsulations® blend of B vitamins, zinc & chromium reinforce your body’s metabolism, while their blend of calcium, D & magnesium enhances weight management, body composition and bone health.

This smoothie tastes amazing and will give you an energy boost.  Make it & modify it to your specific tastes.  Remember it is a work of art, so splash some different colors into your smoothie and try different combinations to see what pleases your palate most.  Now that you have your drink in hand, I should probably tell you, your children are about to make some art of their own on your wall.  🙂  Back to the races.

Hip Tip: Smoothies are a great option for your child too using Egg White or Whey protein (PureLean® is for adults).  Stay tuned for delicious recipes from HHK for your child.

*Want some PureLean® of your own?  Send me a message at or visit my Pure Encapsulations® practitioner site and we’ll have some sent to your doorstep!*


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