Stonyfield Ventures Beyond Dairy

As you all know, I love it when a corporation vows (and lives up) to being socially responsible. I have loved Stonyfield® Organic for some time now. It is my go-to yogurt and a brand I can trust to produce high quality dairy. My son used to down cup after cup of YoBaby on the daily. Now that role goes to my daughter and my son happily squeezes his out of a tube.

When I learned about the Stonyfield® Yo-getters program, I envisioned myself happily typing up reviewsYoGetters from a lemonade porch whilst softly gazing over dreamy green hills of happy cows. The Yo-getters are brand ambassadors, who understand the importance of feeding their families high quality food. It’s a blogger community that I am happy to now be a part of. As part of my new role, I get the privilege of seeing new Stonyfield® products and reviewing new and fun ways to use the existing successful line.

So today I AM on a lemonade porch, my very own, gazing over my own green lawn reaching into a new bag of yumminess from Stonyfield® . There are no cows on my lawn; however I am looking at a little strawberry cutie. Stonyfield® just released a new line of organic fruit snacks, shaped like little dairy cows. These snack packs are made with real fruit and vegetable juices and currently come in Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors. True to form, these snacks are made with organic ingredients, no artificial flavors, or preservatives, no toxic pesticides, and no GMOs. The packs are just the right size for the little ones (and make a fun lunchbox treat), although I can totally see how some parents maybe swiping a pack for themselves. They are delicious!


Fruit Snacks

Check out your local stores and see if they have hit the shelves yet.

Looking forward to bringing you more fun reads with our new buddies at the farm.



{This is a sponsored post and products herein were provided by Stonyfield® for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are solely mine.}


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