Reflect, Resolve, Reach Out

From the warmth of my Northeast home, I am up early adoring the recent snowfall with a hot cup of tea.  I am grateful for the recent holiday season filled with the joy of family and gifts both tangible and intangible.  Today is the end of 2016, when each person is making resolutions for what they will do better in the year to come.  A chance to start with a new blank piece of paper and begin crafting your next work of art. 

As I reflect on all that is good and some of the struggles too, I also turn my thoughts to those who are less fortunate, whose struggle is greater and who’s job of turning to good thoughts maybe harder.

When I was presented with the Stonyfield Pay it Forward campaign, I was thrilled.  It was an opportunity to share a bit of love with a charity of my choice.  There are so many organizations doing amazing work on a shoestring budget, so it is really hard to choose just one.  I wanted my donation to translate into something specific, that a family in need would be able to use. 



After doing a bit of research, I chose to donate a Family Food Basket through World Vision.  My donation assures that a one-month supply of nutritious food gets into the hands of the most vulnerable.  And how great is this?  Grants from the World Food Programme (WFP) multiple the impact of this gift 9 times, so this one donation has the power to feed 9 families for a month! 



Knowing that my Yogetter partnership with Stonyfield has translated into food for these families brings a huge smile to my face.  The beautiful thing about paying it forward is not only the joy that it gives to those who receive, but also the warm glow it provides the giver.  So I’ll leave you with this as we close out this year and start our new masterpiece… 

Reflect on all the good and be grateful…

Exam and acknowledge the struggles and learn from each of them…

Resolve to figure out ways to Reach Out to others… 

Your contribution does not have to be monetary.  Sometimes all that it takes to brighten someone’s day is a smile and couple of words of encouragement.  So pay it forward where and how you can, because in this universe we are all connected.  Helping one another strengthens this connection and feeds love.

Wishing you a wonderful start to this New Year! 



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