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My kids are grazers and eat throughout the day.  Since we always have more than a 3 meal day, I am always looking for ways to jazz up one of the many plates that circulate around the house.  Sometimes it is making fun shapes with food, other times it is using the serve wear to make a meal stand out.

When I arrived home to a box of fun green tot tools from Oxo, I was excited to try out my new bag of tricks.  Oxo generously supplied me with everything I needed to make mealtime fun.  Check out all the goodies! (As you can see some were immediately taken out of the package for use, the others were not far behind.)


Pictured here are the Divided Plate with Removable Ring, Fork & Spoon Set, Twist Top Water Bottle, the Flippy Snack Cup, Roll-up Bib, Grape Cutter, and Baby Blocks.

My absolute favorite of the bunch is the Divided Plate with Removable Ring.  The ring is a nice decorative touch that keeps spills to a minimum.  It comes off for easy cleaning or to allow your tot to be more independent and learn how to keep the food in the right spot themselves.  The many compartments are perfect.  The little circle compartment in the middle is just the right size for small food or dips.  We’ve used it for blueberries, raisins, maple syrup to dip pancakes in, ketchup, etc.  The other compartments can be used for anything you can dream up.  If you don’t want to use your imagination, flip the plate over and see what food groups Oxo recommends for each compartment.


The Fork & Spoon Set is actually our third.  We use these constantly and they are perfectly shaped for little hands and keep the food on the utensil very well.

Here is an example of a snack for my almost 2 year old.  Apple slices, blueberries (I don’t typically cut these for her as she nibbles small bites), and pretzels all ready to be dipped in Stonyfield YoTot Raspberry Pear yogurt.

Snack time

She got a kick out of the new presentation, the ability to dip the yogurt instead of it coming straight out of the cup.  She also loved the Twist Top Water Bottle.

I have big plans for the grape cutter and making a mixed assortment of finger foods inside the baby blocks.  This mama better get back in the kitchen, meal #6 is about to go down. 🙂

{This is a sponsored post and products herein were provided by Stonyfield® and Oxo® for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are solely mine.}

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