Inspired by Food Art – Work by Samantha Lee

As parents we are always trying to come up with fun and interesting ways for our children to get excited about good food.  Perhaps you have a baby and utilize the good old “Coming in for a landing” airplane spoon trick.  For a toddler, you arrange apple slices into a whimsical flower centered with a bunch of raisins.  Your elementary school aged child opens up their lunchbox to find out what special treats lie before him/her, perhaps cut outs of star and moon cheese for their sandwich.

When you are feeling creative and ready to transport your child to a nutritious wonderland, take a look at these amazing works of art by Samantha Lee for inspiration.

This Malaysia mother of two creatively serves her girls artwork and they are more than excited to eat.  Want to give it a try?  Samantha Lee’s blog,, offers instructions on how to recreate these masterpieces.

Snow White

Bunny Boat

Hello Kitty



British Guard 2




Despicable Me

All photo credits are given to Samantha Lee and  Photos link back to her website respectively. 


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