Found! “Kind Killer” Recruited for Spring Cleaning

Like many, spring may have catapulted you into the mood to clean house.  In our Hip & Healthy Kids home we unloaded boxes of unneeded items, had a garage sale, donated to charities, closed the loop on a few home projects, organized the plethora of toys stacking up, and scrubbed down surfaces.

While the blooming trees may have been enough motivation to get you organized, I had an added item in my arsenal that got me excited to sparkle up….Branch Basics.  Branch Basics is a powerful organic solvent made from the fatty acids of edible and seed-bearing plants.  It is human-safe, setting it apart from other green cleaners, meaning that if you accidentally ingest, the product will cause no harm (now I’m not advocating you start guzzling, but you have to admit that’s pretty cool).  It is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic solvent that breaks down hydrocarbons, neutralizes chlorinated pesticides, and helps to decrease the presence of bacteria, viruses, and mold.  Using “colloidal micelle technology” (CMT), the concentrate leverages electro-magnetically charged molecules to break up oil (like grease) into biodegradable components.


There are over 17,000 chemicals that are allowed in conventional cleaning products, which contribute to indoor air pollution and potentially lead to respiratory issues, disabilities and also may promote cancer.  Everyday use of these chemical cocktails increases your exposure and likelihood of a negative environmental reaction.  Hormone-disruptors, corrosive chemical burns, fragrance allergies, waterway pollution and the list goes on.  A great summary of the problems associated with traditional household chemicals can be found in this article by the Organic Consumers Association.

But, back to the star of the show…

Changing the way you clean

Since the main active ingredients are plant-based enzymes and coconut oil, Branch Basics is a cleaner that you don’t have to worry about if you get it on your skin (in fact you may want to put on your skin intentionally, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit).  When I use to clean with conventional products, I would open windows, turn on vents in the bathrooms, wear gloves, and after I used the cleaning product I would wipe down with water on a paper towel (especially on kitchen counters where the cleaning residue would be close to food).  I would also try to ensure that my child was out of the room as those airborne molecules from spraying travel quickly.  If I was handling bleach, I would even go and change into not so special clothing so I wasn’t devastated if a drop went astray.

My cleaning experience has since changed thanks to BB.  I was able to eliminate the time-consuming precautions I took before, and instead run around freely with my Branch Basics spray bottle.   I’ve found it particularly handy for when I need to clean down the training potty seat as well as my child’s bathtub after each use.

HIP TIP: Since many cleaners are abrasive they are not ideal for any plastics (tubs, potties, etc.) as they may damage the finish and cause pitting that would further provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

A Multitude of Uses

Anything* that needs cleaning can benefit from this product.  Use it as an all-purpose cleaner, to manage cold sores, clean stuffed animals, as laundry or dish detergent, even as make-up remover.  Just determine the concentration mixture that suits your needs and dilute your bottle per the ratios shown below.  For a full application guide click here.

BB Dilutions
*Branch Basics notes that it should not be used on manufactured wood compilations like plywood, OSB or MDF as the enzymatic action would break down the formaldehyde contained in these products and allow them to be released into the air.

Speaking of the bottle, it’s very cool.  Each bottle has easy dilution lines to show you where to stop with concentrate and when to add water for each type of mixture.  Use a dry erase marker to indicate your concentration and Cover Photo BB HHKeven name it for quick use.  As you see here, I’ve named our 1:5 dilution the “Kind Killer”.  For me, it’s the best explanation of the product as it is kind to your body and the environment yet still digs deep to naturally rid surfaces of bacteria, viruses, mold, etcetera.  Coconut oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties, further assisting the concentrate to fight germ crime.

What’s in it?

The ingredients are food-grade (non-GMO) and the minerals and enzymes are live and all from edible and seed-bearing plants. Speaking of ingredients, the concentrate contains: Purified water, fatty acids, coconut oil, organic alcohol (made from sugar cane and oats and evaporated out so no alcohol remains in the final product), folic acid, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants. No gluten, soy, corn, nuts or dairy are present at the manufacturing facility so there is no threat of cross-contamination from these elements.  Also the product is scentless and hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for those who are sensitive to environmental allergens.

Where can I buy this stuff? 

Right here!  From the Hip & Healthy Kids Shop under the new category Home Necessities.  Choose from the concentrate in 32 oz or 1 gallon sizes along with the desired quantity of spray bottles.  Interested in a 3-pack of spray bottles?  These can be purchased for 15% off retail at $10.18.  Want to experiment with BB, go for the Starter Pack (1 32 oz. concentrate + 1 Refillable Spray Bottle).  All products purchased on the Hip & Healthy Kids site support great brands striving to make a difference.  (Checkout is safe and secure using Paypal technology.)  If you have any questions on the storefront or on this brand, please drop me a line at

Want to see more on this great product?    Check out this Branch Basics video where founders Allison Evans and Kelly Blackstone take you through their creation.

Happy Non-Toxic Cleaning!



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