Fiddlebumps {Giveaway}

I love finding products that are all natural, that perform and that are operated by people inspired to make a positive difference in the world.  So when I got a chance to talk to Holly Slawter, Owner and Founder of Fiddlebumps Apothecary, I knew there was fun in store.

Holly, inspired by the people around her and motivated by their battles with illness, was determined to prevent exposure to toxins and chemicals from synthetic ingredients.   She understood the link between chemicals found in everyday products and how they negatively influence health.  As a result she founded Fiddlebumps Apothecary.  (Holly was given the nickname “Fiddlebump” by her Grandfather when she was a little girl; he said she was “as little as a bump on a fiddle”.)

Fiddlebumps Apothecary develops 100% natural and hand-crafted products, using wild, natural or organic herbs and herbal extracts, distilled pure essential oils and cold-pressed, exotic organic fruit oils and butters.  Each container is recyclable reducing the carbon footprint.  The products do not contain parabens, petroleum, preservatives, soy, nut oils, or wheat.  Fiddlebumps creates a wide variety of products such as baby, skin care, hair care, first aid, cleaning products, and even a little something for your pet.


I love the bug bite salve, bug repellant stick, sunburn soother, and healing salve.  I’m sure the more I try the more I will like.  Holly has a talent for getting the most beautiful smells out of the combination of ingredients she uses.  She also shares some of her secrets in the great Do-it-Yourself Recipe section of her site.

As a special treat to Hip & Healthy Kids readers, one special winner will receive aHealingSalve healing salve!  Fiddlebump’s Apothecary Healing Salve speeds up the healing process of minor cuts, burns, sores, scrapes, bites, hemorrhoids and just about every first aid need you can imagine. This salve is a super multi-tasker. Shea Butter helps improve skin elasticity and aids in reducing scars, while this essential oil blend provides anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties.  Enter this Rafflecopter giveaway to earn your chance to win now!

Best of luck!


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