Fab-ulous Kids

When I think back to grabbing my small, sparsely packed purse and running out the door to hit up store opening sales with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I get nostalgic. Funny, I know, but by stark contrast a trip out shopping these days is an adventure. Loaded up like a pack mule, my arms exercise a burn from baby equipment. Once in the store, I am often too exhausted to enjoyably look around. Shopping these days resembles Supermarket Sweep; throw as much cute stuff as you can find into your cart in record time. There is time for evaluation and assessing possible returns at homebase.

So when a storefront comes along like FabKids, it’s time to get excited.

FabKids with ChristinaFabKids is a member’s site for cute kid’s clothes. The site was the brainchild of busy moms and Creative Partner, Christina Applegate to make moms’ lives easier and allow kids to express their unique style.

It all starts with a style quiz to help FabKids understand who you are shopping for and what their personal style is. Answer questions like “What does your kid like to do on the weekends?” and “Which outfit do you like?” After your quiz, you will get personalized outfits handpicked for your little one.

If you opt for a regular membership you can shop all the outfits at regular retail price. VIP Membership gets you your first outfit at a fraction of the price plus 50% off retail. If you don’t want to participate one month, no problem, just select skip in your account.

We tried out the Electric Outfit, which included an electric guitar graphic tee and a classic cut pair of jeans. The outfit was comfy and stylish.  The cheery, bright colored shirt was perfect for our trip to the Dinosaur park so we could easily keep an eye on our little man.  The breathable cotton kept him comfortable.  The jeans have a cool wash and tabbed waist so we can adjust it as he grows.

Electric Outfit

As part of our collaboration with FabKids, we are happy to offer you a chance to win a VIP member credit to a US based Hip & Healthy Kids fan (worth $29.99).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So grab your cup of coffee and walk to your front door…yup, you just had a successful (sanity intact) shopping trip.


Thank you to FabKids for offering this giveaway and for gifting us an Electric Outfit to try!


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