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A big holiday is coming up (and no I’m not referring to Easter).  It’s one of my favorites and so very under-celebrated.  It’s Earth Day, April 22nd.  Why all the fuss?  Well, it’s a day for everyone to shift focus on what truly matters, protecting and preserving the environment we live in.  While it may not be popular (or uplifting) to look at news about how we are single-handedly destroying the very home to which we live, it is important, so that we can understand what we need to do to make a sizable change.

I applaud you for even the tiniest of steps you may be taking to do your part.  Perhaps you are recycling, vowing to use less plastic, buying an electric or hybrid car, cloth diapering, using alternative energy sources, and planting/eating organic (yes even pledging to do your body good with organic food will help keep farmland from being contaminated).

So in honor of this Earth Day, I’ve teamed up with my friends over at Green Toys to bring you a super Earth Day infused toy package giveaway!  As you know, I LOVE Green Toys.  Their use of recycled milk containers to make these special toys means less plastic in landfills and oceans and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Additionally, local production of these toys in Los Angeles, CA means fewer miles are spent on transportation.  Did you know that on average, every pound of recycled milk jugs used in the making of Green Toys saves energy equal to 3,000 AAA batteries?  Amazingly cool, right?

Well the coolness doesn’t stop there.  Green Toys has created the new Safe Seas Set that not only provides one of their fun submarines or seaplanes in limited addition colors, but also includes Joel Harper’s children’s book “All the Way to the Ocean”.  This book shows kids how daily life affects the ocean and inspires them to help create a cleaner, safer environment.

Safe Seas Sets

The Safe Seas Set benefits the non-profit charity organization, Sustainable Surf.  Sustainable Surf (#DeepBlueLife) focuses on addressing environmental impacts that threaten surfing habitat, such as ocean acidification and sea level rise.

Click the image below to preview the Deep Blue Life Movie Trailer on the Sustainable Surf website.

Deep Blue Life Movie Trailer Image

Climate change and pollution are already having a major impact on the health of the ocean and many habitats (such as the coral reefs) are under immediate threat.  In fact scientists warn that coral reefs and many ocean species could be killed off by 2050.  I have heard that since the article linked above was written, the timeline may actually be moved up to 2025!  Could you imagine a world in around 11 years where our oceans could be lost beyond repair?  Our survival is dependent on the ocean and without it we are in big trouble.  I mention all of this not to depress you or scare you, but to help you encourage others to act.  Again even the smallest changes can make a big difference.

Alright, but I did promise you fun and celebration, right?  So without further adieu, you have the opportunity to celebrate this Earth Day, by providing your little one with this Safe Seas eco-friendly toy package.  Enter this Rafflecopter giveaway to win your Safe Seas Set (say that 5 times fast)!  The lucky winner can choose between the sea plane or submarine set.  The winner will be notified via email and celebrated on HHK’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  Good luck!

Wishing you a very Happy Earth Day!

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  • Chelsea B. says:

    My kids and I used our easter egg shells to make planters for our veggie garden we will start in a few weeks. I love Earth Day and I think it is so important to share with our children. I have always reminded my kids that we only have one earth and we need to treat it nicely. Cleaning our garbage, planting good food etc.

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