Yoga…A New Resolution {Guest Editorial}

Sharon Pingitore, otherwise known as Mamaste, is a New Jersey native with the essence of NYC running through her veins. She is the PR coordinator and recruiting ambassador for Rebelle Society.
SharonHer truth is embedded in her mission. She is out to bring her message to as many people as she can, teaching them to find their voice, to find their truth, in turn they’ll find their BLISS. The vessel Mamaste uses is yoga.
You can find Mamaste teaching in various yoga studios. You can also find her making guest appearances on Sadie Nardini’s new cable TV show *Rock Your Yoga* on the Veria Network.
Besides her work at Rebelle Society, you can find her all over the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr. You can also find samples of her writings on her website,, as well as elephant journal, YOGANONYMOUS, Mom a la Mode and Patch.

Ok, Spring 2013 is fast approaching. How’s that New Year’s Resolution working for you? If you’re like 88% of us, it’s probably long forgotten.

So I propose that you throw out what no longer serves you and get into a spring groove.  That’s your new mark. Set your goals and be realistic, then put four more things on that list. Make sure they are short words. Smaller is better in this case. Put it on your phone, carry it around with you and look at it often. You’ll see the shift.

You want to get in shape by swim suit season? Put this on your list. YOGA.

There are all types of yoga. Yoga for the Athletes, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Post-traumatic Stress, Hot Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga with Kids… the list goes on.

People often tell me that they can’t “do” yoga, they just aren’t flexible. My pat answer is “Well you can breathe, can’t you?”

Yoga starts with the breath. If you research yoga and pranayama (the breath) you will see that yoga and health depend on the breath.

I invite you to sit on a comfortable seat and just start to notice your breathing. In through the nose and out through the nose. Just by doing this simple step your stress level automatically decreases. Further, the oxygen in your blood increases and your posture improves. Once the muscles hold up the spine, they start working. Even just this little shift can make a marked change in your body.

People sometimes say to me that the next day they feel different, a little taller and maybe even a little sore, as if they lifted weights.

This IS exercise, the beginning, and by doing a little each day you begin to see an improvement.

Sharon and ToddlerToddlers at home and can’t escape to the yoga studo?  Well, excuse…be gone! A brand new, super trendy yoga studio is about to open in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey with plenty of parking and plenty of room. Yours truly will be launching a Mommy (or Daddy) & me toddler’s yoga series. So get ready. I’ll be joined with the best instructors this side of the Hudson.  Keep an eye out on the Hip & Healthy Kids Facebook page for news on the grand opening of Flow Yoga.Flow Yoga

I invite you to make a small list today. Just choose a few things. Make sure they are tiny words (no more than 5 letters) and no more than 5 goals.  Make sure Yoga is on the list.

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