Welcome Fields Footwear!

With new steps into the child footwear marketplace, Fields Footwear is already off to a running start.

Fields Footwear is a new company that was just launched in 4Q 2017.  They have a simply clear focus on the foot health of the child.  What could be better than a Pediatrician and Podiatrist pair that also have an eye for development and style?

Laura Santos is a Board-certified Pediatrician with a Masters in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University.  Her talent is combined with Jonathan Schofield, a State Registered Podiatrist, who completed a MS degree entitled “The Development of Walking and the Effect of Different Footwear”.  He also studied footwear design at Parsons School of Design in NYC, becoming a Certified Pedorthist.

This duo recognized a need in the marketplace – to develop a lightweight, flexible shoe that fits your child impeccably (ensuring a healthy gait and proper body development) and can be verified by viewing the foot through their amazing clear sole.

Yes, a clear sole.  Have you ever asked a toddler to wiggle their toes while trying on shoes?  I remember this request which sometimes translated to dance-wiggling throughout the shoe store.  Not so productive, but nonetheless adorable.

The clear sole is unique to Fields Footwear, and is a “sturdy window” that you can look through to see exactly how your child’s foot fits within the shoe.  You can guarantee proper fit and know just when it’s time to size up.

In addition, the materials used throughout the rest of the shoe are top notch.  The shoes are breathable, primarily made from soft leather which are not only comfortable, but also help to prevent foot conditions (like athlete’s foot, fungal infections and warts).

These materials are beautifully combined at a family-owned factory in Villena, Spain.  As you are probably aware, Spanish craftsmanship is one of the best in the world, especially when it comes to footwear.  The time and focus to produce the best artisanal products is something that frankly the modern consumer is not accustomed to.

As soon as I was able to touch the soft leather of the Fields Footwear shoe, it reminded me of childhood, before everything was mass produced.  It felt warmly familiar.

Thanks to Fields Footwear, we received a beautiful pair of Valencia Velcro Brogue Boots.  These shown are the Atlantic Leather color.  Once you remove the Velcro, the ankle opens up wide so it is easy to slide in a baby or toddler foot.  The shoe line comes in Baby Steps and Next Steps sizes to fit your child from birth to a US Toddler 10.  There is a measuring guide and the sizes listed are European.  In order to check your child’s foot using the clear window, remove the soft insole and have them put the shoe back on.  While they are regularly wearing the shoe, make sure the insole is inserted.  You will also want to give the shoes a spray to protect the leather prior to going out.

Now is the time to grab a pair of these luxury shoes and take advantage of their special promotion.  Code FIELDSFRIENDS will take 15% off of your orderAnd pssttt…there will be a 25% off one day only promotion coming on December 17th.  Head to the Fields Footwear Facebook page to stay in the know and grab your code that day.

Happy Shopping!

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