The Fun Fort Follow-up

Here in the northeast, we have been clobbered with inclement weather in the last few weeks, leaving many of us without power.  (Unfortunately, some experienced more than just power loss – Keep reading to see how you can help.)  It hasn’t been easy recovering from Hurricane Sandy and in the midst of bouncing back from our Little House on the Prairie experiment, a Nor’easter blew on through.  Needless to say, we are wishing for warmer times with much less drama.  As such, I’m hoping that regardless of your location (or state of electricity) you found a little joy in the article I posted last week: Five Family Fun Activities –Unplugged.

In that article, we discussed making play forts/tents with materials found around your home.  The goal was to create a new space energized by our imagination, where our children could lounge, dream, and play.  Readers were encouraged to submit photos of their innovations.

Here is a fort we created at our house…lovingly entitled the “Dream Den”.  I used 2 chairs draped with a fitted king size sheet.  We cushioned the floor and added the dinosaur blanket and a couple of pillows.  We then cut and colored stars to hang from the top with ribbon.  Lastly the structure was adorned with a strand of lights.  (When the electricity was out we substituted with battery-powered lanterns.)   In fact this dream den is at work right now as my little guy takes a nap in it.

Here are some great pictures, from friends old and new, that are sure to give you more inspiration.

Pink and Green Mama (MaryLea) created this adorable igloo fort by painting cardboard.  Accessorized with pillows, stuffed penguins, and penguin sheets, she was able to create a cool play space for her little girl.

What does a photographer do when she is off duty?  She uses her equipment to make a play tent. Dianne of DManza Photography leveraged her stands to create this fun and spacious canopy for her three kids.

All for the Boys founder Allison Waken used a Makedo kit to make this super awesome outside play structure with her boys.  They also added a card table for a nice game of outdoor UNO.  I love that the dog is standing guard making sure the “No Entry” sign is abided by.

Thanks to all for the pictures.  We look forward to seeing more of your cool creations!

Hurricane Sandy did a job on the northeast and those who only lost power were among the fortunate ones, as some lost much more, including their homes.  If you would like to help with the relief effort to get shelter, supplies, meals and water to those impacted, please visit the American Red Cross and donate.  If you were in the path of these storms, know that we are thinking of you and wishing you a warm home, good food and peaceful times ahead.



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