Storage that Saves the Holidays

The smell of pine, the cookies, and the joyous looks on children’s faces…oh, AND…the GIFTS! This could only mean one thing…the Holidays are fast approaching us. No one can deny sometimes the joy we felt on Christmas day can quickly be overshadowed by the task of figuring out where to stick all the new items that have invaded the house!

So that’s why, I’m already prepping our space by purging the old in anticipation of the new. I am helping my children create their Amazon wishlists, gently steering them toward the toys that aren’t going to require an addition be put on the house. Most importantly, I am utilizing creative space saving tools to make everyone’s day merry! (No one wants a grinchy mom and with a little planning we can save the holidays.)

There is an amazing and fun storage cube that is now my go-to solution. Lego Storage Bricks! Here’s how they compare to their less savvy counterparts and why they rise to the top.

Toy boxes are great, but require a specific spot in the house and often toys sink to the bottom. Out of sight, out of mind and the toys don’t get played with. I’ve tried Tupperware bins in the past, but leaving them out is a bit of an eye sore. Put them away in the closets and again, they never get played with. Open baskets and bins allow the littles to see possible play options, but they also drive mommy insane looking at the organized clutter.

So here’s why I believe the Lego Storage Bricks are perfect.



Toys are easily hidden out of sight and the room feels like it can easily transition from kid play to adult space.

LEGO Storage Lifestyle image14

Color-code Toys

Blue brick for trains, yellow for robots, green for instruments…

Let your little ones pick which color is for which kind of toy and watch the magic ensue! They pick up the toys, put them away and know exactly where to go for their desired play. Plus, the wide array of color choices allows for style options; matching your room if you so desire.

Look how much they hold!

Train Storage


Small space? No problem. The real estate of even the largest brick (my favorite…the 8 peg…is 19.7” long) is still no big deal for any room in your house. After you fill up the bricks, stack them on top of one another and voila…sanity!

LEGO Storage Lifestyle image26

Are Easy for Little Hands

My 5 year old easily lifts, moves, and restacks fully packed bricks around the house.

Create Fun Clean-up

Putting away the toys in the bricks are just as fun as pulling them out. Kids have fun throwing everything back inside and repositioning the bricks in new color orders and patterns.

LEGO Storage Lifestyle image21

Are Easy to Clean & Durable

The bricks can be easily wiped down or rinsed out in case a stray lollipop made its way into the mix. Ride-on toys banging into them, no problem. I haven’t had one get a mark on it yet, let alone break.


So here’s my recommendation for a joyeux noel. Grab a few bricks and use them to display Santa’s presents. Wrap some gifts, throw them inside a brick, put the lid on and decorate with bows. How fun would it be to have a bunch of Lego Bricks under the tree with the gifts inside, already designated to their new spot come December 26th. Now that sounds like the most merry holiday for mom yet!

ThePerfectGift-Lego Brick

Place an order for your Lego Bricks at the Hip & Healthy Kids storefront or reach out to me at (Check out the site for available colors and pricing). Shipping discounts apply for multiple brick orders by zip code, so if you’re looking for a few bricks (which I recommend for stacking and sharing), best to send me an email with your order.

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