Sierra Club Holiday Fundraising

All I want for Christmas is clean air, sustainable energy and a stable climate.  A tall order for Santa?  At the moment, probably, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Despite recent government setbacks, like the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Agreement (which certainly needs addressing), there is still hope.  Some current statistics are proving that we are making strides in the right direction:

–      In March 2017, the U.S. set a renewable energy milestone.  “For the first time, wind and solar accounted for 10 percent of all electricity generation, with wind comprising 8 percent and solar coming in at 2 percent.

–      The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that sanitation practices have improved.  Urban coverage of improved sanitation exceeds 90% in 46 countries and rural coverage exceeds 90% in 38 countries.  This is key to global clean water initiatives.  The WHO and UNICEF are targeting to achieve universal and equitable access to safe water and sanitation by 2030 (and hopefully sooner).

–      A new report from the International Energy Administration has found that global carbon emissions remained flat for the third year in a row, even while the global economy continued to grow. “The report notes that China and the United States — the world’s top two largest greenhouse-gas emitters — both saw a drop in their carbon dioxide emissions. In the United States, emissions fell by 3 percent and the economy grew by 1.6 percent, while in China, emissions fell by 1.6 percent and the economy grew by a whopping 6.7 percent.


The Sierra Club is one organization that is working tirelessly on many environmental issues:

–      The Ready for 100% initiative is working with local governments to move to 100% clean and renewable energy.  They have achieved a milestone of 150 mayors endorsing 100% clean energy.

–      The Fair Table project is working on improving local communities through agriculture that maximizes cultural and biological diversity.

–      The Toxics Team works to reduce exposure to hazardous substances, protect families and wildlife and improve water quality.

–      Water Sentinels are working to protect waterways and their ecosystems, from plants, to animals and to the people who are dependent on the drinking water they provide.

This is just a sample of the many great initiatives the Sierra Club is working on for the good of all of us.  So what better way to get my Green Santa engaged, than to spread a little fundraising cheer to the Sierra Club.

I am working with the Sierra Club on their Holiday Fundraising Campaign.  Donate a dollar or more and help me support the great work that the Sierra Club is doing for our future.  Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the Sierra Club, an environmental organization dedicated to explore, enjoy and protect our planet.  All donations will be DOUBLED through their matching program through December 31st. 2017.

Head here to get started:


I also have created a Group Fundraising Page, so if you would like to get involved and fundraise as well, come join my group page, the Green Dream Team!


Let’s power Santa’s sleigh together with a little solar and wind energy this Holiday season. 🙂


{All opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.}

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