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So there’s been a little radio silence on the site, after I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.  I have a ton of great content brewing for you, I am just working on getting it all out there single-handedly (literally as I have a hip and healthy newborn happily occupying one arm).

As with all babes, this little girl has upped the frequency of laundry loads in our house.   So you could say that Maple Hill Naturals had impeccable timing when they recently sent me some of their Laundry Powder and Wool Dryer Balls.


Maple Hill Naturals specializes in laundry supplies and body care products, hand-crafted in the US.  From one mom entrepreneur to another, Rebecca Rowan (Maple Hill Naturals CEO) and her team earned my instant respect and gratitude.  They are dedicated to providing natural solutions to everyday problems to protect our families and the environment at the same time.

What problems is Maple Hill solving?  Well, conventional fabric softeners and detergents are problematic to our health (carcinogenic, respiratory toxins/air pollutants) and do damage to the environment.  Phosphates in fabric softeners act as algae fertilizers depleting the water’s oxygen supply which impacts the survival of fish and other aquatic life.  Synthetic fragrances used in laundry washes, drain out of your machine and into groundwater where they contaminate the drinking water supply.  Researchers have found that dryer vents can emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets are used, including seven VOCs classified as hazardous air pollutants.

Thankfully, there are eco-friendly options and Maple Hill Naturals is one of them.

Rebecca sources wool off the sheep from her Dad’s farm, Maple Hill Romney’s in Lafayette, Indiana to make the Wool Dryer Balls.  The dryer balls are then crafted by stay at home moms working while their children are napping.  Coming in a set of two, these wool dryer balls decrease static cling and fluff up clothing without using any dryer sheets.  They can be reused over and over again in every load.  I chose unscented although, they can also be scented with essential oils.  While they are great in every load, I think these dryer balls are specifically fantastic when doing sheets.  They fluff up the sheets beautifully and keep them from rolling into a ball allowing for full coverage drying in just one cycle.

Wool Dryer Balls


The laundry powder is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and safe for cloth diaper use.  It is also phosphate, chlorine and dye free.  Again, I chose the unscented detergent which uses a blend of oils and natural minerals.    It took me a few washes to get comfortable with a small spoonful of laundry powder.  I have always used a liquid form detergent, but this small dose concentrated powder does the job.


If you would like some Maple Hill Naturals of your own, head over to their website or you can win some right here!  A set of 2 XL Wool Dryer balls are up for grabs for one lucky HHK reader!  Rafflecopter giveaway


{We received a laundry detergent sample and set of wool dryer balls in order to provide an authentic review.}


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