Lunch Bundles with Revolution Foods

Revolution Foods caught me at just the right time.  With the end of school approaching, I was uninspired by what to pack for lunch.  On autopilot, I continued to stick with the same few meals I knew would not come back at the end of the day. So I was super excited when they sent me some Lunch Bundles to try out!

Revolution Foods is a brand created by 2 moms (Kristin and Kristen) whose mission is to build lifelong healthy eaters by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all.  I love this quote from their site, “To us, nurturing bright minds starts with fueling active bodies.”  Spot on girls!

So let’s chat about the lunch bundles, created by Revolution Foods mom, Julianna.  These bundles are high in protein and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.  They are cutely packaged with little compartments for little fingers.  There are 4 flavors to look for at your local food store. (If you want to search ahead to see which grocers near you have them, you can do so on their site here.)  There’s the “Decker” which includes turkey, crackers, chocolate covered pretzels, trail mix, jack cheese, and kettle corn crunch.  “Powerfood” which contains trail mix, jack cheese, veggie crisps, almonds, and gluten-free crackers.  “Superfood” with trail mix, corn & flax crisps, chickpeas & almonds, dark chocolate raisins, and veggie crisps.  Last, but not least, “Sundipper” has trail mix, no-nut butter, gluten-free pretzels, dried bananas, and soy nuts.


As tempted as I was to send the first pack directly to school, I wanted to see how the littles reacted to their box of goodness.  So the Superfood box was opened at home so that my 6 and 2 year old could explore the compartments together.  They instantly devoured the corn & flax crisps, veggie crisps and dark chocolate covered raisins.  The trail mix was the next to go and they curiously picked up the chickpeas, but yes enjoyed them too!  It was a hit 🙂

Sundipper 1

These boxes are not only great for school lunch, but I envision us grabbing them on the go for a day at the beach, camp, poolside, you name it!


Thank you to Revolution Foods for sending us these fun and convenient lunch bundles!

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