Lego Storage Blocks for Easter and Beyond

Modern, fun and functional!! A new twist on the Easter Basket!

Freshly picked for the Hip & Healthy Kids storefront are these adorable 8 peg Lego blocks that make AMAZING toy boxes. They come in a ton of different colors + they are stackable. No more bulky toy chests.

They are a perfect idea for an Easter Basket. You can assemble it now, put the top on and hide it ready for the Easter bunny to take it to the next level.  After Easter you will have parental sanity knowing there’s a spot to put the new toys!

Here’s a picture of one I put together in Lilac.

Come get yours now—>…

P.S. If you are buying more than one (which I recommend for stacking purposes), send your order directly to so I can get you a personalized great shipping rate!

Lego Easter Basket Promo

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