Hip & Healthy’s Holiday Green Toy Guide

What do you get when you cross recycled milk containers, kiln-dried chemical-free rubberwood, plant-based pigments and organic cotton?  The Answer:  The coolest green toys for this Holiday Season!

Hip and Healthy Kids has been working tirelessly to bring you the best in green toys and we are very happy to share with you the leaders of the pack for this holiday season.

Plan Toys®

Plan Toys® is a world class award-winning brand, dedicated to sustainable play using only environmentally-friendly materials.  They use kiln-dried chemical-free rubberwood, E-Zero glue, water-based non-toxic dyes, PlanWood®(reclaimed wood chips from the production process to reduce waste and maximize material usage), recycled and recyclable materials, and soy and water-based ink for all printed materials.  Additionally Plan Toys ® excels in sustainable manufacturing from alternative energy use to packaging.  Plan Toys ® involvement in community activities fosters environmental and social awareness.  Their toys inspire children’s imagination as well as promoting physical and intellectual development.  Feel good about the toy you give your child and the planet at the same time!

Click through these slideshows to see HHK’s favorites:

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Eco Bonk

The classic inflatable bop bag has been reborn!

Eco-Bonk offers superior quality, rugged durability and peace of mind that it is not only healthier for children to play with, but also safer for the environment.  The vinyl is manufactured with a revolutionary additive technology, enabling it to degrade naturally into the earth in 9 months to 5 years.  The vinyl bop bag is then covered in a lovable organic cotton wild animal cover (each with their own personality).  The toys are screen printed with water-based inks and packaged in a recycled carrying case.  Each toy is made in the USA and with your purchase; a donation is made to the Wildlife Alliance.  Save animals’ habitats and adopt one of these adorable bops today.

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Green Toys™

As if the name doesn’t give them away, Green Toys™ does their part to help the environment while giving your children fun toys to play with.  Green Toys™ uses recycled milk containers as the main ingredient to create their toys. The milk containers are re-processed into high-density polyethylene (HDPE – one of the safest, cleanest plastics available). Everything from the collection of materials to the production of Green Toys™ occurs in Los Angeles, CA.  On average, every pound of recycled milk jugs used in the making of Green Toys™ saves energy equal to 3,000 AAA batteries. Green Toys™ products are tested by nationally recognized, independent, third-party labs (located in the USA). The toys contain no traceable amounts of Phthalates or BPA. They are also designed without any external coatings, eliminating the fear of lead paint.

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Clementine Art

Clementine Art Supplies are 100% all natural, certified nontoxic, and environmentally-friendly. Using plant derived and mineral pigments instead of harsh chemicals, Clementine Art Supplies are simply safer. Initiated by a concerned art teacher in lovely Boulder, Colorado, Clementine Art Supplies was started to make sure our children aren’t being introduced to anything that they shouldn’t be.

Clementine Art

All of these amazing toys can be purchased now through the all new Hip & Healthy Kids Shopping portal located at the top of this screen. The shopping bag can also be accessed through the Hip & Healthy Kids Facebook page.

Hip & Healthy Kids email subscribers get an added perk of 10% off your entire order now through 12/31/12*.  Orders are recommended to be made by December 13th to receive for Christmas.

So guzzle up your hot dark chocolate and click away to get these green toys under your tree.  Any questions, shoot an email to hipandhealthykids@gmail.com, and I’ll get right back to you (typing away with my Santa hat on).  Thanks to these super cool toy elves for making the world a better place and bringing many smiles to our little ones’ faces. 🙂



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