Head-to-Toe Back to School


Are you gearing up for the start of school?  We are!  Here’s a head-to-toe guide of what you should be getting for your stylin’ kids.

Posh Picks to your Porch

FabKids is at it again. This time with a sweet end of summer sale in preparation for the school year. School deals for under $20! Dresses are starting at $15, sneakers at $19, tops and tees at $6 for boys and $10 for girls. We are all set for Halloween with this adorable Rock & Roll Skull tee coupled with black skinny jeans (Thank you FabKids!)


Sign up as a VIP member and get these cute styles sent directly to your porch. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Learn more about FabKids from my intro post and see who scored a VIP membership credit 🙂

Which style would your kid rock in class?



Top Notch Toes

Last year when sneaker shopping for my little guy, I came across GoPlae. I was immediately intrigued since not only were the styles super cool, but the products were made with the planet in mind. Why am I just telling you about these kicks now…a year later? Well I wanted to make sure they stood the test of time and could take a beating. I can tell you now that not only are these shoes still actively worn, THEY LOOK BRAND NEW. These are amazing sneakers. Recycled PET and cork; environmentally-friendly leather and suede; made in a solar powered, fair labor factory. The soles are bendy to accommodate the child’s natural movement. A fun feature is that kids can customize their kicks with interchangeable tabs.

We have the Max hi-tops seen here.


GoPlae kindly gave us a coupon code to use. Go get yours for 10% off by signing up for the PLAElist.


Globe-friendly Gear

The backpack. It is so much fun for a child to pick out their own backpack, manifesting their own unique individual style. It’s cool to not only make a statement with the style, but also with the message. I’ve highlighted them before and look forward to when my little guy is bigger to sport a Freitag. Swiss-engineered to take a massive beating, these packs are made from used truck tarpaulins and straps made from used car seat belts. These packs demonstrate that you are stylin’ and know how to upcycle.


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