Fun and Entertaining with Aladdin

A few months back Aladdin® kindly sent me a gorgeous box of their premium Mason Entertaining Collection.  As I peeled back the layers, I quickly realized what fun I could have entertaining guests with their mason jars, tumblers and dispensers.

Admittedly I’m not doing much partying this summer as I am trying to keep up with a newborn and 4 year old, but when I do entertain I have fun coming up with concepts and finishing touches.  However, in reality, the finishing touches that exist in my head, rarely play out…Pinterest fail?   Who really has time to gently dangle fresh cut flower petals and drape tiny twinkly lights from a perfectly proportioned branch to make a shabby chic outdoor chandelier?

So as I adored the masons, pitcher, and large glass dispenser (my favorite); I waited for the perfect opportunity to take some stellar shots of these guys in action.  As I criticized the lighting and placement of my shots, it dawned on me.  I am trying to take the perfect shot, the perfect finishing touch.  Yet, Aladdin products are supposed to make my life easier so instead of painfully deconstructing a rose, I am able to enjoy my company without unneeded stress.  Focus on the food, stack up the masons and go.

So here are my shots and commentary of these cool Aladdin products…

The classic 16 oz Mason To-Go cups are adorable.  They come in five different colors and have add on drink-thrus so you can grab them on the go.  When I make juices and throw them into these mason jars, I can sit back and imagine I’m on a modern homestead.  As my 4 year old requests a drink of his own, he can match mommy without the stress of him possibly breaking glass.  Instead he picks the color of his choice and happily sips away with this Eastman® TritanTM BPA free mason.


Need more of your favorite beverage?  Opt for for the 32 oz Insulated Mason Tumbler with straw.


Sharing?  Grab the Pitcher, fill it with your beverage of choice and allow guests to mix and match colors.  These guys are dishwasher safe too.


Finally, my favorite…the big One Gallon Glass Dispenser.  I love to fill it with water and lemon slices, but let your creativity fly.  Sangria or mojitos would look quite lovely in this baby.


Right now Aladdin is offering 25% off their Mason Party Kit, so it would be a good time to order and throw a low stress party.

Happy Entertaining!

By the way, here’s a visual of my outdoor party inspiration (from Pinterest), but alas not so realistic.  What inspires you to party on?

Marissa Inspiration

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