Finding the Fabulous {Guest Post}

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Arlene Armando is a former finance gal and an inspired passion seeker.  She has a BA in English Literature, teaches, and sits on the Finding the Fabulous board while also raising her 3 gorgeous kids. 

I am thrilled to support a nonprofit organization called Finding the Fabulous whose mission is to equip girls, ages 5-18, with fearless attitudes and self-confidence. I joined the Finding the Fabulous Board because I recognize the importance of supporting and inspiring the next generation of female leaders and role models in their journeys to overcome challenges like fear of failure and lack of purpose.

As a driven and creative, but shy young girl, Finding the Fabulous would have been influential in my arduous journey to find my voice, appreciate my inner beauty and feel more confident. Having a supportive community such as Finding the Fabulous would have undoubtedly impacted my youth as I navigated through high school, college and eventually career leaps, unprepared and feeling alone.Ava&Elle1

As a mother, I am eager to provide my daughter with the tools she needs to raise her confidence, develop a healthy body image and adjust her focus to her inner value, ambition and community rather than insecurity, self-doubt and the pressure to be perfect. Thanks to Finding the Fabulous, Ava had the opportunity to attend Summer Camp this July where the objective was to build friendships and mentorships. The camp days’ discussions included many of the wearisome topics girls are faced with today and as a sisterhood they brainstormed solutions, and were given tools necessary to make positive choices in their lives now and in the years to come. Although this all sounds very serious for any 8 year old, I promise you, Ava had a fun-filled week busy with art projects, team-building activities, custom workshops, video campaigns and the most anticipated inner beauty fashion show ever.

Finding the fabulous offers many other programs such as the Teen Conference, The Collaboration, and Sisterhood Events that Ava will surely benefit from as she grows into a young lady and learns her passions and purpose. To be surrounded by female role models, supporters and sisters who will encourage my girl to “dream bigger, do better, and make an impact”- this mom can only say YES!

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  • I love the writers perspective on this article. Finding the Fabulous seems like a breath of fresh air for girls. Inner beauty is definitely the “don’t leave home with out it” accessory. Finding the Fabulous seems to be quite the trend setter. STRONG girls grown up to be STRONG women! Love this article.

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