Behind the Scenes: Bump Envy Photoshoot

Surprise (if you didn’t already know), there is another Hip & Healthy Kid that will be joining our household this May!  🙂

As any pregnant lady knows, the glow that comes with pregnancy is wonderful, slowly outgrowing your clothes, not so much.  Pregnancy creates its own set of glories and challenges.  While my first pregnancy was “easy” by comparison as I only had to deal with fatigue, this pregnancy had me understanding the gamut of typical pregnancy symptoms others have experienced.  First trimester was difficult this time around full of nausea, extreme tiredness, and times where I went from some energy to zero in the matter of seconds.  I still remember apple picking this past fall, after which we went to eat and I couldn’t pick up my head mid-meal.  I grabbed the car keys and laid down (then had to keep sitting up again from the nausea) in the car, while my family finished dinner.  Mad props to those of you that have nausea throughout the entire pregnancy, then do it all over again with another child!Sporting the bump

I’m happy to report, I’m feeling much better now (and re-adapting to life without bending from the waist capabilities).

In the midst of my second trimester, I had the wonderful opportunity to get glammed up for my friends over at Well Rounded NY.  Kaity and Jessica (Well Rounded Co-founders) not only share great articles on their site for pregnancy and beyond, but as former associates in the NY fashion industry, they have a keen eye and strive to show how pregnancy can also be cool and stylish.

One of their website staples is their Bump Envy section where they profile dynamic women sporting their beautiful bumps.  They ask these women 5 questions about their maternity style and experiences.  It’s a fun way to celebrate mamas-to-be and make each lady feel really good about her ever-growing body.

So one snowy day (of many this winter in the Northeast), I dolled up and ventured to the Arlington Club on the Upper East Side in NYC.  While being photographed, I attempted to channel my inner Heidi Klum, but while gazing out the window with my “serious face” onlookers stared back at me inevitably snapping me back into a laughing smile like the pose shown here.


Although I kept it together for this shot which ended up being one of my favorites of the day.

Love this Shot

It was a feel good experience I am grateful to have had.  Come check out my 5 question Bump Envy write up on the Well Rounded page.  Also, check out the day through the eyes of talented photographer Desiree Walters.

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