Adore Your Non-toxic Nails

Adore your Non Toxic Nails

What shade reflects your mood today?  French White, Beachy Chic, Little Blue Box, or perhaps Toluene?  Not familiar with the last color reference…that’s probably because it is not a color, it’s a toxin that is typically contained in run-of-the-mill nail lacquers.  In the “What’s in your Suncreen?” article, I referred to the dirty baker’s dozen, here we shall talk about the toxic trio – Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate, then highlight some pretty fantastic non-toxic hues you can get your hands (and feet) on.

Here we go…

You would like to take a nice hour away from the stress of your life to be pampered, so you dart out the door to get a manicure and/or pedicure.  If you venture to a salon that doesn’t use toxic free products, then your experience goes something like this…

Upon the opening of the salon door, you are overcome with the suffocating smells of nail polish.  You sit down for your service and your body becomes less acute to the smell and it “wears off”.  What you are most likely inhaling is Formaldehyde.  Remember formaldehyde from high school biology? You used to be generously exposed, to that one of a kind scent, while viewing biological specimens embalmed afloat in jars.  Well my friend, pay attention to your senses…your nose just alerted you to a threat.

Formaldehyde: This substance not only irritates eyes, affects mucous membranes and respiratory systems, but exposure can also lead to severe abdominal pain, convulsions, diarrhea, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, to name a few. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has determined that formaldehyde is a genotoxin, acting as both a cancer initiator as well as a promoter for early and late stage cancer.

You pick out your pigment and sit down with a big sigh ready for relaxation to begin.  After a scrub, the base coat, color, and top coat are applied.  At this point you have now met toluene.

Toulene:  This volatile chemical is harmful to you if inhaled and/or absorbed through the skin and nails.  Toulene is a solvent that can cause dizziness and short term intoxication.  It has been shown to cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who were exposed.

As you are under the dryer, you reflect on your day, think about what’s in store for the following week and adoringly view your new nails.  Staring down you can say to yourself…wow, check out that dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  What?

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP):  This substance is frequently used in nail polishes to make the paint chip resistant; however this focus on aesthetics comes with a nasty consequence.  DBP can kick off an asthma attack and has been linked to developmental & reproductive defects as well as causing cancer in lab rats.

Now, a trip to a run of the mill nail salon won’t kill you, but all of these “little” things add up.  Our bodies are constantly dealing with environmental toxins, bacteria, processed food, etc. and we sure don’t need a simple paint job to additionally add to the burden.   Every decision you make to avoid harmful substances, helps your body to be better equipped to combat daily exposure. 

So let’s find out how to happily go about your nail experience in a safe and fun way…enter KARMA!  What goes around, comes around and Karma Organic comes around in a big way.

Karma Organic Nail Polishes contain no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and are safe for pregnant women, kids, cancer patients and allergy sufferers. Chip resistant, durable, and with no harsh odors, they are available in variety of finishes. The non-yellowing formula is cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and packaging is 100% recyclable.

What’s fantastic about non-toxic nail polish is that you can also paint your daughter’s nails with more peace of mind.

Midnight CrushSunday Night at the PalmTable for Two

Some of my favorite colors are Midnight Crush, Sunday Night at the Palm, and Table for Two (seen above).  If you happen to live in New Jersey/New York area, you can also drop by their salon to get an authentic nail experience.  Over-sized pedicure bowls filled with warm water and your choice of essential oils accompanied by such relaxation enhancers like green tea bags, mint leaves, rose petals, and lemon slices.

You can also bring the spa experience to you, wherever you are located.  Hip & Healthy Kids is happy to bring you each of the Karma exclusive colors!  Head on over to the HHK storefront and choose from a wide assortment of colors to fit your every mood.

Express yourself not only by the color you are wearing, but also by the healthy choices you make!

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